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Sky Base

Sky Base

I once had this strange dream where black tornadoes were rampant throughout the city, and people ran in desperation for shelter, including myself. After hours of running, ducking and dodging, the sky opened up and clouds began to lighten, and suddenly out of the blue, ships began to appear as if a veil had been lifted from over them. They were in all shapes and sizes, varieties and makes. And as they were unveiled, people scrambled in fear and awe of what was revealed in the sky. And after a period of time when what we would say, "the dust settled" ..I woke on top of this strange floating platform that was interconnected with a variety of buildings and ships. I was led by a small being to one of the buildings, and even though I did not speak their language, the being communicated with me mentally. And when I was led to the building, and entered, I saw walls filled with ancient books, strange books, that were very large and heavy. There were benches as well and as I asked the being what I was to do, I suddenly just knew, and I reached for a single book. As I opened the book it came to life, and before my eyes in the form of text and holographs, appeared my childhood, scenes of memories flooded the space before me and it was clear, that this was my book, my life. This image is a depiction of that dream as close as I could get to it. The ships in this rendition are only two types, the rest were much larger and oddly shaped and more towards the cities.

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